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EDI & B2B Integration

Your EDI + B2B Challenges

Integration Is Not Always Easy.

Your company works with a web of customers, suppliers, strategic partnerships, financial institutions, and others. To grow, companies need to collaborate with all of these different people and organizations, which often means working across many different systems, processes, and applications. This can turn into a mess in no time without skilled resources. It can become a source of costly mistakes. 

Experts at iPaaScity can help your team identify the resources needed to complete your project.  Depending on the integration scenario(s) that are necessary to support, we can help identify short or long-term candidates, and manage outreach as well as first-round interviews.    

Companies can also opt to post job openings independently at no cost.  Once the needed skill(s) or resources are identified, iPaaScity notifies individuals and teams qualified to help based on their profiles and other information.  In addition to notifying job/project seekers directly, iPaaScity will automatically post the Job Requirement to services within our network, like LinkedIn, Discord, and others. 

Need Help Getting Started?

Our team will help get you going with pointers, introductions, or any guidance you need.  Please feel free to reach out.

Tired of Paying for Access to Candidates

iPaaScity lets employers or recruiters post job openings and connect with potential candidates at no cost. It is an awesome value-add for our Users.


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