Promote Services - Build New Relationships

Sell & Promote Your Way

iPaaScity Service and Portfolio Pages are like custom landing pages. Create one for each of the services you offer as needed to help promote your business! They don’t cost you a penny. When prospects are interested they can contact you at no cost to either of you.

A prospect will come to a page and offer to hire or engage a freelancer. Right now, the transaction is managed however is agreed upon between the two parties.

Service and Portfolio Pages are promoted on our site, Bing, and Google Search. They are also linked to each creator’s profile. Each profile can be updated with a very comprehensive list of social networks.

Each party manages communications, project requests, services, portfolios, and more through their iPaaScity dashboard, and chat/messaging.

Launch Your Side Hustle

Engage on a Path to Revenue and Independence

Whether you are a full-time consultant, freelancer, or do a few projects occasionally, iPaaScity helps you get started quickly.

  • What makes iPaaScity the no-brainer site?

    Digital Marketing

    We know it is hard to win deals so we help wherever we can, including:

    • Free messaging
    • Tools to help promote your service(s).
    • A focused audience
  • How much does iPaaScity cost you?


    For basic services, iPaaScity is free.

    Use the system to help grow your marketing footprint and fine-tune your processes

  • What if I only want to hire, or find a job for myself?

    Job hunt only?

    If you only want to find a job.  Simply register, validate your email, and fill out your profile.  


Be Your Own GTM Super Hero

iPaaScity is here to support your journey.

Picture the type of service you want to offer. iPaaScity is here to help achieve it.   

  • Register. Create a pipeline for Jobs, or Projects
    • Create a service listing or portfolio page.  
    • Receive notifications based on skills in your profile.
    • The platform syndicates your Freelancer capabilities.
  • Refine + Increase the size of the funnel

    Add and refine content to tweak

    We use Index Now and other API to inform search engines of updates.

  • Process opportunities, respond to direct queries

    Communication + Collaboration

    iPaaScity provides messaging and chat to support users.  Free with your membership.

    Check out the content or meet up on Discord.


Hire + Source Experts

iPaaScity is here to support your journey.

Companies who post job openings through iPaaScity get the best of all worlds. We get the word out ensuring you get great candidates while promoting your brand.

  • What Should We Do First?

    Get Registered, Setup and List Job Openings

    • Get registered and create a profile.  
    • Posted Job Openings are instantly matched with members and notified.
    • No cost to create the account, or communicate with candidates!
    • Dress up your profile page.  Maybe create a portfolio page to help paint a picture of what working with your company is like.
  • How Do You Get the Word Out?

    We sync and post content automatically to services like search engines.

    We use Index Now and other APIs to inform search engines of new job listings or updates.  We also provide notifications across our social and content networks.  All of this happens automatically to simplify or remove steps where possible.


  • What are Cost and Access fine points?

    Process opportunities, respond to direct queries

    iPaaScity provides messaging and chat to support both hiring and freelance users.  It is free with your membership.

    As candidates reach out, or hirers want to reach out to freelancers that may be done at no cost.