Take Advantage of Portfolios

Take Advantage of Portfolios

A professional portfolio is a great way to show off skills to potential clients and employers.  Not only does it put context to the skills in your profile, but a portfolio helps demonstrate technique, ability and most importantly, experience.  Managing your brand while promoting capabilities and engaging people is a great strategy.  Portfolios are a great way to get those conversations going and keep them on topic.

Maybe you already have a portfolio, which is cool.  Is it online, and does it create leads for you?  How do you measure its usefulness?    

iPaaScity included portfolios in our initial requirements because everyone at one time or another needs a little extra ‘oomph’ for a campaign.  We put even more ‘oomph’ into portfolios by adding them to Google (YouTube, Jobs, News and Search), Bing and others at light speed with a fancy indexing API.  

iPaaScity streams content to social media sites as well as developing programs on Discord.   

Collaborate with colleagues for a campaign, then save to use again later.  Whether you primarily use video, blog, or case study consider adding portfolios to your kit.  In fact, work with some of our expert freelance marketers to expand and reinforce your marketing efforts.


James Cantrell

Author Since: April 20, 2022