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Refer a friend to iPaaScity >>> Get Points!

Steps to invite a friend and earn points (Like coupons).

  1. Log in to your iPaaScity account.
  2. In the User menu, navigate to “Packages” and click.
  3. You will see the Solopreneur package as a freelancer.  Click, “Select”.  
  4. Fill out, or update your contact information.  
  5. Click ‘Buy’ (It is always FREE).
  6. Scroll down till you see the Facebook, Twitter, email, and Whatsapp logos.

Freelancing Doesn't Get Any Easier

Once a new iPaaScity user has filled out the basic registration form they are taken to view the available packages.  It confirms the plan is free, the number of credits received, and other details. 

Don’t hesitate.  Go ahead and “Buy it”.  We don’t want your credit card information and we won’t ask for it. 

Another function this step covers is to show the user what memberships and subscriptions they have and changes.  But why mess with Free? 

No Credit Card is Required Because No Payment is Accepted in Beta...

You have a chance to update your contact information.  We don’t ask for your credit card information.

"Buy" is clicked and very quickly you see the list of features. For example the number of service listings, skills, and more.

Invite friends

Send out a membership to friends any time!  As often as you want!

Users earn points or credits for inviting people to join iPaaScity and your friends get access to a great way to grow their own business or find skilled help for projects. Hooray!

Consider sending invitations once a week to new prospects, colleagues, or people you meet on the train.