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Good Talent Costs. Find Yours Efficiently.

Talent is competitive.  And it takes time to find and validate good talent. Maybe more true now than ever.  That is why we developed a low-touch RaaS approach to help recruiters and hiring managers surface more opportunities without spending a lot of time doing so.

iPaaScity helps find talent by posting content efficiently to critical systems like job search engines, while also informing our growing network of users and recruiting partners.  We are automating a piece of the process so you can manage the big picture.

Integrating People as a Solution

We help you find the right candidates by getting your job opening out to our network quickly.  Once we have the job posted good things start happening, including:

  • Users/subscribers get notified based on skills & profile matches.
  • Sharing with LinkedIn, Discord, and others for awareness.
  • Index fast with search engines (Index Now API)
  • Network/Sharing with HRM partners

Search When Ready

Once registered, Users can create Job Posts for current openings, or a profile and portfolios to help candidates read about a company.    

  • Search online profiles. 
  • Network on chat, or create a group.
  • Use portfolios for different corporate HR promotions
  • Each account creates a unique content funnel (POSE).

Index at Light Speed!

Getting Job Posts indexed fast is critical to getting seats filled.  iPaaScity uses a combination of search engine indexing APIs, and iPaaS technology to ensure data is where it needs to be.  

With awareness and indexing done,  Recruiting partners have visibility into the markets, and technologies their candidates support.  

This provides a solid foundation for your team to start recruiting AND looking at longer talent requirements cost-effectively.