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Recruitment Process Outsourcing

Acquisition Talent: Realized

Our scalable recruitment process outsourcing solution will help your business succeed.

Our recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) is set up to find the right people to help realize your company’s full potential. The approach is simple — we learn what your organization needs,  then create a sourcing plan, and a model for those roles, complete with pools, etc. We partner with recruiters around the world across all types of industries to leave no stone unturned to find the right resources.

We work alongside your team each step of the way. And we take the time to understand your company’s specific needs to find candidates that are the right fit for your team. 

Companies can also opt to post job openings independently at no cost.  Once the needed skill(s) or resources are identified, the platform notifies individuals and teams qualified to help based on their profiles and other information.  In addition to notifying job/project seekers directly, iPaaScity will automatically post the Job Requirement to services within our network, like LinkedIn, Discord, and others. 

Attract and retain the right people at every level leveraging our network, platform, and, practical experience.