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We amplify your company's voice to ensure your message gets through.

Every campaign worth doing deserves an extra push to ensure things go well.  We are pure ‘Oomph!’

iPaaScity provides comprehensive coverage for social media campaigns whether go-to-market or an ongoing lead-gen cadence for a new practice. We pull social media pros for fractional amounts of time to get the results you need.

We help with lead-gen, awareness, and thought leadership campaigns. Getting more companies to read and engage with your messaging is what we do.

A team may need an increase in lead-gen resources. iPaaScity can provide social media support, and coordinate other aspects of campaigns.

We really do provide matchmaking and act as SDRs for clients.  We engage the teams we work with.  A great example of this includes the companies in supply chain and process analytics promoted using industry pages, like Retail EDI.

Companies who sell software and other solutions into the Retail industry may be interested in having us support them on a campaign where we use one of our pages on (Retail EDI) to post, and share content. To help collaborate with partners (Clients) on these programs we provide them with access to not only view metrics, but they can also post/reshare content, send messages to followers and monitor lead-gen activity.